The Kawhi Effect

The positive effect of a balanced nervous system.

You might be wondering what Kawhi Leonard, the Toronto Raptor’s basketball team’s star player who has been killing it these playoffs, and craniosacral therapy have in common. If you have been following the 2019 NBA playoffs this year and witnessed Kawhi’s masterwork, you have seen the effect that one player can have not just on a team, but an entire fan base.

In the words of ESPN commentator Doris Burke, Kawhi has “Great equanimity.” He doesn’t get too up or too down. He is steady and his way calms those that are around him.

“He’s always been that guy who you can look at when something goes bad,” Pascal Siakam, Kawhi’s teammate, said after Game 3. “He just has that calm demeanor. It gives you that peace, knowing that everything is going to be OK. And I feel like that every time I’m on the floor with him.”

Kawhi steadies his teammates with his calm demeanor and I this calming effect extends to Toronto Raptor’s fans too. I am a long time Raptors fan, and never have I felt so relaxed in a playoff series. Partly this is my own work on my nervous system, but it’s also the Kawhi effect. I trust him. He never gets rattled despite what happens. His attitude is infectious.

No doubt, the pressure of being in the NBA finals is immense and a true test of character. They say those who prevail, have to have immense focus and resilience. Game 4 of this year’s NBA finals, was one such test for the Raptors. 

Seeming to repeatedly foul Kawhi and not being penalized for the transgressions, the Warriors who were down, were angry with the referees for not calling the fouls they perceived that they had endured at the hands of the Raptors. Instead of complaining about the fouls, lead by Kawhi, the Raptors kept their focus and just played.

As the game wore on, Golden State got increasingly insistent that calls be made and seemed to get increasingly rattled. Under pressure, the referees starting making the calls against the Raptors, but it didn’t matter. The Raptors stayed poised and Golden State had lost their focus.

Led by Kawhi the Raptors stayed steady and won the game. In the past, the Raptors would have been the team to get rattled and lose. Yes, Kawhi has great skill, but it is his demeanor that has transformed a franchise.

Like Kawhi, Craniosacral therapy can be the calm in the storm of one’s hyped up nervous system. When life has you rattled and your emotions are leading the way, a craniosacral therapist can be like a Kawhi on the court of your life and help you to find your own equanimity.

Craniosacral therapy works to help balance the nervous system. When you nervous system is calm and balanced, you can enjoy the excitement of life rather than react to it’s challenges and in balance, your body is able to heal and repair. The effect of calm on a nervous system can bring profound, positive, life affirming changes that should not be underestimated.