What is Health?

Most define health as the absence of illness or disease, but that’s defining health by what it is not, rather than what it is. This definition sells health short.

A Fresh Perspective.

The word “health” comes from the word “whole”.

When you see yourself as a whole being, you begin to see that we are all so much more health than illness and that our body mind that keeps this health is intelligent and frankly incredible.

From a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy perspective, health is a state of physical, mental and social well being.


You’re Not Broken.

Rather than looking at ourselves as something that needs to be fixed, we can begin to perceive ourselves for the marvels of health and vitality that we are. Even the sickest among us are still mostly health.

How do we relate to our health? We can begin by relating to the sensation in our bodies. In developing a relationship with the “felt-sense” we can come to appreciate and relate to our bodies’ innate intelligence.

In fact, from a BCST perspective, even the aches and pains that we might perceive as illness are demonstrations of the body’s intelligence at work. These are signals from the body to pay attention.


Get Inspired!

By orienting to what is working, focusing on the positive, we inspire those parts of ourselves that are not optimal to change.  Health begets more health!

Orienting to the positive, discovering our own health, is what attracted me to craniosacral therapy and I hope to pass on how to get in touch with this health to as many people as I can.

Hope to see you for a session soon!