Standard sessions last for one hour, but for your first session please allow 1.5 hours. This gives us time to get to know one another. 

Hands On Session

Due to Covid, for your first session, the half-hour intake if possible, I would like to do this via video. This way you can see my face and I yours as otherwise we will wear masks for the hands on part of the session.

During your session, you will remain fully clothed and will experience gentle contact. All contact is with your expressed consent. It is important that you feel safe and know that you are in control of the session. We then allow the body to do what it needs to do. We will both pay attention to sensation and notice what arises.

Video Session

After our intake, much like the hands on session, I will relate to your soma compassionately and with presence. I will ask permission to relate to parts of you. As we witness sensation, we will allow the body to do as it needs to do. We will appreciate what arises. 

What You Might Experience

Most clients report experiences of light, warmth or vibration moving through their bodies which can become a feeling of fluidity or wholeness. It is possible to feel chronic pain and tension melt away, the body balance itself right to left, top to bottom, back to front or have empty parts fill in again.

People also report inner awakening, like an increase in sensory and felt sense awareness. Feeling more self, insight, spiritual awareness, compassion and clarity. This can mean finding their voice and boundaries, letting go of systemic feelings like shame and grief.

Ultimately, as a result of BCST people tell me that they are relaxed, feeling at peace, grounded and more alive than ever before. They find an embodied understanding of health and a stronger connection with their core selves.

It is such a joy to witness the mind, body and spirit come into balance. It is in this embodied manner that life gets better!

(Note: changes and body shifts happen gradually over time and may take a number of sessions to truly take hold. Sometimes they happen right away. This all depends on where you are at.)